Dixie Belle's Crackle is perfect for a cracked, aged effect. 


  • Apply one coat of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint of any color. (This will be the color of the cracks), to a properly cleaned surface.  (Please clean with our Dixie Belle White Lightning!) 


  • If natural wood is desired, apply 1 coat Clear Coat and let dry completely.  
  • Stir Dixie Belle Crackle and apply.  Do not thin the crackle medium.
  • The thicker the application the larger the cracks. 
  • Use a cross-hatch brush stroke to create erratic and wide cracks.
  • Do not back brush; this will disturb the cracking process.  Allow crackle to dry completely anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.
  • Apply a top coat of any Dixie Belle Paint color.  The cracking process begins as the paint dries.
  • Let dry completely for 24 hours. Enjoy!  


This product is available in 8oz.